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Write. Speak. Inspire Teen Leaders.™



The Write. Speak. Inspire.™ Teen Leaders Workshops are interactive experiences that focus on leadership and personal growth. Our goal is to give participants an opportunity to develop their leadership ability in a supportive, engaging, and fun environment.

Core Elements

This workshop series contains age-appropriate learning objectives that reinforce foundational leadership principles, personal branding and social responsibility.


We are empowering teen leaders with the tools to create positive change in their local, national and global community. 

Time: 45 Mins - 2 Hour Presentations
Student Grades: 5th - 12th

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The cost per session includes workshop materials and instruction. Cost will vary depending on the size of the group.



101. Lead Well
Foundational Leadership and Personal Growth

Leadership and personal growth go together. This high energy workshop is designed to give young leaders the foundational tools they need in order to lead themselves and others more effectively.


201. Keep It 100
Personal Values and Social Responsibility

Identifying our personal values is an important first step to effective leadership. Young leaders will engage in a conversation designed to help them identify their personal values and examine how those values can create positive changes in their community.

Conflict Resolution and Critical Conversations  

Navigating conflict is an important skill to master. This highly interactive workshop is designed to equip young leaders with tools to recognize the different types of conflicts, identify why they occur and learn how to keep them from destroying healthy relationships.


401. Get It Done
Goal setting and Personal Organization

Setting goals effectively is a life-skill every young leader should have. This workshop presentation aims to provide participants with simple tools to help them create and accomplish goals that matter.

501. Show Up
Personal Branding

We are all walking billboards for our personal brand. This fun and interactive workshop is designed to empower young leaders with practical tools to help them improve their personal and professional presentation.


601. Stay Woke
Round Table Discussion on Culture 

Our world is changing so rapidly. This workshop is a round table discussion on culture, relevance, artistic expression and it’s influence on our personal experience.


701. Love You First
Healthy Relationships and Personal Boundaries 

We can not give away what we don’t have. This workshop is an honest conversation about relationships, self-worth, and creating healthy physical and emotional boundaries. 





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