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Community Workshop | Youth + Adults


Creative writing is a tool that can be used to share personal experiences and the experiences of others. Our goal is to equip participants with the tools to write with clarity, creativity, and confidence. Prepare for an engaging experience that will be fun and interactive. We will examine different styles of writing, learn to develop authentic story content and stretch our imagination as creative writers.

Community Workshop | Youth + Adults


Communicating in public effectively is important. However, not everyone is comfortable with speaking in public. In this workshop, participants will explore the techniques used by some of the most successful public speakers (storytellers) in history. This course will be a fun and interactive experience designed to provide practical tools and a supportive environment for new and emerging public speakers. 

Community Workshop | Youth + Adults


Spoken Word Poetry is a performance art that empowers writers to paint pictures with words. This form of artistic expression can be used to communicate messages that help to shape our world. This course will be a fun and interactive experience. Participants will learn the essential elements of poetry writing, develop their public speaking skills and enhance their stage performance.